Technique: Surface

Table1: Summary

Table3: Data Sets Categorised
by Aggregate Type MeanOfMeans(285)
by Networks ACORN_SAT(4) PSLMP(12)
by Importance Major(378) Minor(1)
by Anomaly Status AnomalyBaseUnknown(7) NotSeasonal(25) Standardised(347)
by Surface Type Land(95) Land_And_Ocean(95) Ocean(95)
by Time Periods Back______1000(8) Back______2000(8) Back_______200(289) Back________30(304)
by Latitude Band Group Global(15) Group11(165) Group5(75) Hemisphere(30)
by Sample Interval Daily(1) Fortnightly(5) Hourly(1) Irregular(6) Monthly(347) Yearly(19)
by Region Antarctic(2) Arctic(3) Atlantic(1) Australia(8) Europe(1) Global(24) NorthAmerica(2)
by Indicator Carbon Dioxide(14) Flux(1) Isotope(3) Methane(1) Oxygen(3)
Rainfall(1) Sea Level(13) Sunspot Number(4) Temperature(319) Test(16)
Total Solar Irradiance(4)
by Organisation AustBOM(19) Berkeley(62) DNSC(1) GISS(60) Hadley(63) JMA(57) Journal(9)
NOAA(66) NOAA_ESRL_PSD(2) SIDS(2) Scripps(17) Unknown(18)
by Latitude Band Global(37) N05_N35_Hadley(15) N05_S05_Up(15) N30_N60_Temperate(20) N30_S30_Tropics(35)
N35_N50_Down(15) N50_N60_Ferrel(15) N60_N70_Up(15) N60_N90_Arctic(18) N70_N90_Polar(15)
NorthernHemisphere(21) S05_S35_Hadley(15) S30_S60_Temperate(19) S35_S50_Down(15) S50_S60_Ferrel(15)
S60_S70_Up(15) S60_S90_Antarctic(18) S70_S90_Polar(15) SouthernHemisphere(18)
by Slides Aust Rainfall Temp(2) CO2 30 Years Scripps(10) Climate Oscillations(5)
Rural Or Urban GHCN(4) Sea Level El Nino(2) Sea Level El Nino Anti(5)
Sea Level PSLMP(12) Solar Activity 30 Years(2) Solar Activity 400 Years(2)
Sunspots Temp 400 Years(4) Surface Temps Quoted(5) Surface Temps Quoted Gridded(5)
Temp 200 Years(4) Temp Daily Or Monthly(4) The Pause GISS(3)
The Pause Had Crut 4(4)
by Extracted From BEST(57) GISS_Temp(57) HadCRUT(57) JMA_Temp(57) NOAA_Global_Temp(57)