Slide: The Pause UAH

Figure1: Slide 1: The Pause UAH Singly
3 Plot Functions Start Year 1995 End Year 2012
Chart Height 50 Chart Width 100 Line Width 1
Choose Overlay Poly Degree No Month To Year Modes SGOrder 0
SGLength 13 Truncate
___UAH-LT-SH-ExTropics Trend: -0.043 /100yr ___UAH-LT-NH-ExTropics Trend: 0.939 /100yr ___UAH-LT-Globe Trend: 0.226 /100yr ___UAH-LT-Trpcs Trend: -0.174 /100yr


Observations: UAH provides datasets for many different latitude LatitudeBands. A few major LatitudeBands are presented here.