Slide: Temp 1000 Years Ice Cores

Figure1: Slide 1: Temp 1000 Years Ice Cores
Combined NormaliseToMeans Start Year 1000
End Year 1904 Chart Height 80 Chart Width 100
Line Width 1 Choose Overlay Poly Degree
     Temperature___Law Dome Temp Trend -0.068Temp (C)/100yr ___GISP2 1000 Trend -0.114Temp (C)/100yr


Observations: The Greenland ice core GISP2 shows the MWP and descent into the LIA and recovery.
The Law Dome ice core shows a warm period 700-1200AD then descends.
GISP2 is 9 years per sample with 3.4 samples per reversal.
Law Dome is 4 years per sample with only 1.5 samples per reversal.
Neither can capture the full range of variability.