Slide: Temp 1000 Years

Figure1: Slide 1: Temp 1000 Years
Combined ExtendEnd Start Year 1002 End Year 1991
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     Temperature___Mann-1999 Trend 0.0217Anom (C)/100yr ___Lamb-1965 Trend -0.021Anom (C)/100yr ___Jones-1998 Trend -0.008Anom (C)/100yr


Observations: Dr Hubert Lamb founded the Climate Research Unit but retired before the ClimateGate emails. His dataset shows the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age and perhaps the start of the recovery. The datasets of Drs Jones and Mann are the famous Hockey Sticks that have gotten rid of the MWP. All show a generaly warming after the Litte Ice Age but variations of only 1/4 degree during the hockey stick handle.