Organisation: BCC

Table1: Summary

Description: Beijing Climate Center  

Table3: Data Sets Categorised
by Shape HockeyStick(4)
by Data Set Type OtherSeries(12) Series(1544)
by Importance Major(1408) Minor(136)
by Anomaly Status AnomalyBaseUnknown(7) NotSeasonal(772) Standardised(777)
by Aggregate Type CoverageOfSamples(37) MeanNumObs(37) MeanOfMeans(447)
by Surface Type Land(184) Land_And_Ocean(149) Ocean(187)
by Latitude Band Group Global(28) Group11(299) Group5(137) Hemisphere(56)
by Atmospheric Level LowerStratosphere(34) LowerTroposphere(98) MidTroposphere(34) Tropopause(34)
by Sample Interval Daily(1) Fortnightly(11) Hourly(1) Irregular(150) Monthly(771) Regular(55) Yearly(567)
by Time Periods Back1000000000(14) Back___1000000(18) Back____100000(4) Back_____10000(33) Back______1000(333) Back______2000(169) Back_______200(432)
by Networks ACORN_SAT(4) AtlanticBuoys(3) CO2_Emissions_Countries(8) CO2_Emissions_From_1700s(6) CO2_Emissions_Post_1959(6)
GTMBA(23) Lecavalier2017(9) Marcott2013(9) PAGES2k(581) PSLMP(12)
by Satellite Area AUST(4) Globe(17) NH(17) NH_Not_Tropics(17) NH_Polar(12) SH(17) SH_Not_Tropics(17)
SH_Polar(12) Tropics(22) USA48(4) USA49(4)
by Region Africa(2) Antarctic(47) Arctic(36) Asia(254) Atlantic(37) Australia(21) Europe(28)
Global(99) IndianOcean(33) NorthAmerica(152) Other(1) Pacific(111) SouthAmerica(8)
by Technique AdHocCombination(8) Balloon(35) Coral(85) Derived(109) Estimate(44) IceCore(84) LakeSediment(36)
MarineSediment(25) OceanBouys(36) Proxy(14) Reconstruction(70) Satellite(236) Simulation(12) Surface(379)
by Organisation AADC(1) AustBOM(20) Berkeley(66) CDIAC(24) CRU(48) DNSC(1) GISS(65)
Hadley(137) JMA(57) Journal(70) NOAA(220) NOAA_ESRL_PSD(4) NSIDC(9) RSS(58)
SIDS(3) Scripps(29) UAH(108) Unknown(40) Wiki(2)
by Latitude Band Global(124) N05_N35_Hadley(28) N05_S05_Up(28) N30_N60_Temperate(454) N30_S30_Tropics(198)
N35_N50_Down(28) N50_N60_Ferrel(28) N60_N70_Up(29) N60_N90_Arctic(105) N70_N90_Polar(28)
NorthernHemisphere(75) S05_S35_Hadley(28) S30_S60_Temperate(59) S35_S50_Down(28) S50_S60_Ferrel(25)
S60_S70_Up(25) S60_S90_Antarctic(84) S70_S90_Polar(28) SouthernHemisphere(57)
by Indicator Acidity(2) CO2 Emissions(55) Carbon Dioxide(27) Cyclone Activity Index(2) Dust(1)
Eccentricity(1) Flux(70) Fraction Coverage(37) Gen Temp(31) Heat Content(2)
Ice Area(6) Isotope(4) Methane(4) Nobs(37) Obliquity(1)
Oxygen(3) Perihelion(1) Precipitable Water(2) Radiance(7) Rainfall(48)
Sea Level(16) Snow Extent(1) Sr Ca Ratio(28) Sunspot Number(5) Surface Mass Balance(1)
TRSGI(362) Temperature(671) Test(16) Total Solar Irradiance(7) Volcanic Eruptions(2)
d 18 O(106)
by Slides Aust Rainfall El Nino(2) Aust Rainfall Temp(2) CO2 200 Years(2)
CO2 2000 Years(2) CO2 30 Years Scripps(10) CO2 Emissions(4)
CO2 Emissions By Country(8) CO2 Emissions Derived(3) CO2 Emissions Recent(5)
CO2 Million Years(3) CO2 Phanerozoic(2) Climate Oscillations(6)
GHCN Coverage(5) Had SST3 Coverage(5) La Jolla CO2(2)
Latitude Latitude Bands(3) Marcott vs Icecores(6) Mod Tran Spectra(3)
OLR(3) Ocean Acidity 200(3) Phanerozoic Temp GCR(2)
Rural Or Urban GHCN(4) Satellite Vs Thermometer(4) Sea Ice Extent Temp NH(2)
Sea Ice Extent Temp NH Seasonal(2) Sea Ice Extent Temp SH(2) Sea Level El Nino(3)
Sea Level El Nino Anti(6) Sea Level PSLMP(12) Snow Extent Temp(2)
Solar Activity 2000 Years(2) Solar Activity 30 Years(2) Solar Activity 400 Years(2)
Solar Activity 8000 Years(3) Sunspots Temp 10000 Years(8) Sunspots Temp 2000 Years(9)
Sunspots Temp 400 Years(4) Surface Temps Quoted(5) Surface Temps Quoted Gridded(5)
TSI Temp 30 Years(2) TSI Temp 400 Years(2) TSI Temp 8000 Years(2)
Temp 1000 Years(3) Temp 1000 Years Ice Cores(2) Temp 10000 Years(7)
Temp 200 Years(4) Temp 2000 Years(8) Temp 30 Years(27)
Temp 30 Years Global(3) Temp 50000 Years(5) Temp CO2 10000 Years(6)
Temp CO2 1935 1980(2) Temp CO2 200 Years(2) Temp CO2 2000 Years(2)
Temp CO2 2000 Years 1800(2) Temp CO2 30 Years(2) Temp CO2 30 Years Arctic(2)
Temp CO2 30 Years De Trended(2) Temp CO2 GISP2 Seg 1(2) Temp CO2 GISP2 Seg 2(2)
Temp CO2 Phanerozoic(2) Temp Daily Or Monthly(4) Temp Million Years(3)
Temp Phanerozoic(3) The Pause GISS(3) The Pause Had Crut 4(4)
The Pause UAH(4) Vostok CO2 Dust(2) Vostok Temp CO2(2)
Vostok Temp Dust(2) Water Vapour(2) Water Vapour Temp(2)
by Extracted From BEST(57) CRU_Precip(47) GISS_Temp(57) HadCRUT(57) HadCRUT_GHCN_Nobs(36)
HadSST3_Nobs(38) JMA_Temp(57) NOAA_Global_Temp(57) NOAA_OLR(58) RSS_LT(57)